Monday, April 02, 2007

Passover Joke and Greetings

A year or two ago I came across a Hebrew book called "The The Big Book of Jewish Humor " , a collection of jokes gathered and edited by Prof. Adir Cohen. This is a great present for any occasion, although maybe a little expensive. The jokes are arranged by subject alphabetically and it's pretty easy to find things. For instance Passover jokes (who even knew there is such a thing) will be found under "Holidays. Here are a few for your enjoyment, if you are not to tired to enjoy anything...

One Jew asked another: "Why do we ask four questions on Passover, but none on Yom-Kippur and Rosh Ha-Shana?"
His friend answered:"You see, When a Jew sighs, and weeps, and suffers - that raises no questions whatsoever. But when we see a happy Jew, now that raises some questions that must be answered..."

A poor Jew was doing the Seder with his family, and telling the story of the exodus.
One of the sons asks:"Why do we always mention the bricks and mortar and bitterness that the children of Israel suffered in Egypt and eat charoset and Maror , but we say nothing about the great fortune that the children of Israel escaped with when they left Egypt, and don't even eat any tasty morsel to commemorate this?"
Answered the father: " That is because to this day bricks and mortar and bitterness fill our lives, while nothing is left of that great fortune..."

and a last one:
One intermediate Passover day a Jew took his lunch out to the park. He sat down on a bench and began to eat. A blind man sat down next to him. In a friendly gesture the Jews handed over a Matzoh. The blind man took hold of the Matzoh, felt it all over and said: "Who wrote this nonsense?"

That's it for now.
I wish all my readers a very happy passover, and a quick and easy path to freedom - spiritual freedom, which we have yet to achieve.


Anonymous said...

I saw that book at Borders bookstore, and it's on my "must get" list! Here are a couple of my joke videos.

Passover Matzo Balls

The Story of Lot

Lady-Light said...

The blind-man joke cracked me up. Just discovered your blog, and yes, I agree that Israel needs tikkunim really badly-just read some of my old posts, especially about our traffic accident while in Israel... Maybe if we all work together, we can slowly but surely accomplish this?(stranger things have happened; and this is an "Olam Hafuch" anyway...)

Jerusalem Joe said...

anonymous - you got some cute stuff there!
Lady Light - glad you liked it,and thanks for dropping by.I read your post on Israel and commented there.

tikkunger said...

Hey JJ

this is a little off topic but a while back you mentioned something about an israeli lentil rice dish. i was wondering if you might post the recipe or if not than maybe email it to me.

you see i love lentils and i do love rice.