Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The New, Improved Israeli Tikkun Blog

Following up on the previous post "The New Writing Regime" I am re-opening this blog. I took the opportunity to move to the beta template and redesigned the whole thing, with new aims and new content in mind. I was aiming for a cleaner, more professional look. I added a few ads which I hope will not bother you too much. According to my calculations, if each one of my readers clicks one ad for only ten thousand times each day, by the end of the month I will be able to buy myself a one whole falafel. So, what are you waiting for?
Content will change a bit. I want to write consistently about the Repair of our society, specifically the application of psychological knowledge to a variety of issues. Theories will be mainly Jung, Adler and Imago theory. I aim to write simply and clearly and most importantly - concisely. My first goal is to express ideas in less than a thousand words, which are about half a page in a traditional newspaper. In short, my mission is to be as communicative as possible while writing about complex issues. This means that the personal posts are out as are most of the political posts although I did not write many. If you are deeply interested in me personally you can click the "Personal" label to read all the previous posts.
Which brings me to the issue of labeling. I am relabeling all the old content and it seems that is impossible to do so without Blogger re-publishing the re-labeled post each time. This results in these older posts re-appearing in your feeder. I apologize for the inconvenience, although some people have taken the opportunity to read posts they missed. I'll be re-labeling for the next hour or so and then I'll put up my first post on the new blog. It will be about prayer from a Jungian perspective and it is 1200 words long, 200 over the limit. It's a lot harder to write a short post than I thought it would be! I guess I'll get better at it the more I practice. In any case it is a great experience because it is forcing me to be absolutely clear about my ideas before writing them down, which benefits me and hopefully my readers too.
Finally - I hope you stick around to enjoy the new blog.


mother in israel said...

I just added ads too. One great thing about the labels is that Blogger creates a separate page with the posts under each label. Anytime someone searches for a word that you have as a label, you are more likely to be at the top of a Google search. It took me a while to figure out why my Google hits increased so much. Anyway, looking forward to reading more.

tikkunger said...

Nice new layout!

Jerusalem Joe said...

MIS - Thanks for telling me about the labels - I'll start looking at the hits more closely.

TikkunGer - thanks!

Lady-Light said...

JJ, I just had to go back to your first post on the "new" blog (and promptly cracked up at 'falafel')
Ok, let's talk!