Sunday, January 07, 2007

One More Reason To Tune Out Israeli MSM

Personally, I don't need another reason to tune out the Israeli Mainstream Media, which includes Yediot Ahronot,Maariv,and Haaretz , along with Channels one, two and ten. I am not against entertainment - not at all- and I realize that television can be an endless source of leisure. I just object to turning the news into another area of entertainment (although you might enjoy this hilarious, if somewhat macabre proposal in that direction), and I especially object to presenting the news as objective fact when, in reality, we are being presented with a completely skewed, politically edited version of reality.This happens many times and is well documented by Israel's Media Watch.

In this case, Arutz 7 in Hebrew had an interview a few days ago with Dr. Arieh Bachrach, member of Almagor, an organization of terror victims (with no website as far as I can tell). He says that Israeli MSM is conducting a campaign for the release of Palestinian prisoners in return for the kidnapped Gilad Shalit, knowing full well that such a move is a precursor to peace negotiations. Dr. Bachrach bases this statement on the fact that the MSM has been consistently ignoring any information coming from the people and organizations that object to the prisoner swap, in effect creating a false public opinion climate which seems to be overwhelmingly supportive of the prisoner swap.
He also gave a few examples:

1 -Both channel ten and channel two contacted us for for information " but when they heard what we think, and how forceful and sensible our argument is, they just disappeared"

2 -Channel two covered a protest about the prisoner swap near the prime ministers home - but showed only the protesters who were advocating the wholesale release of Palestinian prisoners, while not showing at all the adjacent protesters who were against the prisoner swap.

Bachrach concludes: " for years it has been impossible to protest against the way the media conducts itself, because they always find excuses why one side could not be represented, and anyway, if an editor wants to stress a certain angle, no kind of ethics will help."

If you do not believe how shamelessly biased the Israeli MSM is, you should listen to a few stories that former Gush Katif Spokesam ,Eran Sternberg has to tell.

Anyway, just though you would like to know which political party you are funding when you buy your paper, or watch the news on Israeli TV.

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