Sunday, January 07, 2007

How the West Could Lose

That is the title of an article available here written by the well-known Middle East expert Dr. Daniel Pipes for the New York Sun. I am not a regular reader of the newspaper, but I received the short essay as a subscriber to Pipes' mailing list. I signed up a year or two ago and have yet to find a better source of information on what is actually going on in the world concerning the war against radical Islam, or as former Israeli Chief of Staff Boogie Yaalon put it, World War Three.I like his fact-fulled, concise ,accurate and brief essays.
If you are interested you can visit his site and sign up there for his articles.

Anyway, I thought his most recent effort was worth bringing to your attention.Pipes argues that although the West is much stronger militarily, it has several "bugs" in it's software, namely:Pacificism,self-hatred, and complacency.
Pipes describes these bugs, together with the opposing Islamist's strengths and concludes that another victory for the West is not an historical necessity, and that the longer it will take for the West to wake up, especially it's elites, the more costly and uncertain victory will be.

Personally, I know quite well that some of these elites, at least in Israel, are so full of despair and self-hatred that they will not stop short of actually destroying the civilization (and country) that brought them up so badly.The question in my mind is: what part of the elite will step in to stop this suicidal elite? Or will a new elite rise?
Will Israeli's be able to voluntarily switch a century old allegiance, from the secular-left elite to a right-wing elite that will be, most likely, religious? Does such an alternative even exist?
As far as I can tell,the answer to both questions seems to be, as of now, no and no.

I'd be happy to hear that I am wrong though.

You can read the whole article here.


westbankmama said...

Jerusalem - I think that people's instinct of self-preservation always kicks in when things get bad enough. The question is, will it be too late when things get "bad enough"? It sounds terrible to say it, but part of me really regretted it when the Katyushas didn't reach Tel-Aviv. It would have woken quite a few people up. Haifa wasn't enough.

Jerusalem Joe said...

the problem is what is "bad enough" for the Jewish people? I mean we've been the victims of every kind of atrocity and it seems that we still haven't learned anything (especially Israeli Jews).
It is terrible to say what you said. there must be a better way to get the point across besides getting more people killed.
although, come to think of it, Pipes also identifies a process he calls "education by death" as the current stage of the West's war with radical Islam.current and apparently necessary.