Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Chabadnik That Got Away

You may recall that just last week I happily announced my My First Official Judaism Lesson.After that first successful meeting, my Chabdnik mentor said that he is very busy on Channukah, but that he will call me after the holiday and then we will continue.
Well, it is already Wednesday and i still haven't heard anything from the guy.This also happened the first time we talked on the phone - he said that he cannot make a date at the moment and that he would call me back. Four days later I called him just to make sure that he hadn't lost my number and to see if he is still interested - turned out he was just busy.So this is already the second time that I am left hanging.
I do not like this at all.I am not comfortable chasing people under any circumstances (the introverts curse), and I am certain that I should not be doing so in this situation.The guy must be at least as interested as I am, or at the very least polite enough to say that he is too busy, or just not into it.

My wife says that, strictly speaking, "after channukah" can mean the whole week and that i should give up on the guy only after that , but I feel very impatient about recovering this part of myself, and very disappointed in this Chabadnik who knows how eager I am, and should know better than to behave this way - it's just a matter of derech eretz, isn't it? I mean, did he go on a Christmas vacation? Is that appropriate for a Chabadnik? (OK, I'm slightly bitter).
In short - this sucks, and I am now looking for an alternative. As I related before, there are not many options on the internet. I know for sure there are many yeshivot in Jerusalem but it seems they do not bother to put up websites, and since I am, obviously, not very well connected with orthodox society, i am at quite a loss at the moment.Should I just randomly wander into a random Yeshiva? Seems impolite to me, but perhaps forcing the issue is what is needed at the moment. I just don't know, so for now -
I am open to all and any suggestions.

Thank you

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mother in israel said...

I called Maayanei Hayeshua and someone got back to me for more details. I'll let you know if I hear from them. They also asked me where in J-m you live.

At any rate despite my reservations about Chabad I wouldn't hold it against them if he doesn't get back to you.

Jerusalem Joe said...

thanks for doing this for me.
of course i would not hold the actions of one man against the whole organization.

westbankmama said...

Jerusalemjoe - do you need a place where they teach in English - or is Hebrew ok (or is it the opposite with you?). I thought of Machon Meir off the top of my head, because it is a baal teshuva yeshiva not far from Mercaz HaRav (in Kiryat Moshe). I have heard very positive things about them.

westbankmama said...

Here is their website. They say that they teach both in English and Hebrew, and you can click on their site to find out how to meet someone to check the place out:

mother in israel said...

I have a name and number for you. I presumed that Hebrew was okay because you knew the meaning of Dos kol dros. . .Anyway if you email me through my profile I will send it to you, unless you have a better idea.

Jerusalem Joe said...

I can't believe that i forgot about Machon Meir!I also do not understand how searching for "Jewish studies" and "hazara betshuva" did not bring them up.
Anyway, i was there once, about two years ago i think,but i was not ready then.
if i recall correctly they require a nice monthly fee for attending the classes, and that is something that at the moment i cannot allow myself. In fact, if i was completely rational i would be looking for a job, not a yeshiva.
but i have done rational, and it can only take you so far.right now He is telling me to forget about money and take care of this Judaism itch.Since i never seem to win any arguments with Him anyway, I'll just do what he tells me and hope for the best!

but still - thanks for reminding me and I will check it out - maybe my memory is tricking me.

mother in israel said...

STill waiting to hear from you to give you the contact information.

The woman from MH asked about MM, but I thought you had written that it didn't work out for you for some reason. I must have been mistaken. Shabbat Shalom.

Karma said...

Does it have to be Orthodox? I really like this place called Yakar, which has classes in Hebrew and I believe in English.

the sabra said...

have you tried Mayanot?

Jerusalem Joe said...

Karma - I visited the Yakar website. It actually seems to be orthodox, but i prefer lessons in Hebrew and they do not have any.thanks for the tip though.

Sabra - Maayanot is also English only.

MII - I did write that i had a bad experience with machon meir, but in retrospect i think that i just was not ready yet, so i am willing today to check it any case I'll e-mail you now.

Anonymous said...

I emailed you, and I updated my profile to include my email. Blogger Beta must have gotten rid of it.

Karma said...

Yakar is modern Orthodox. I just meant that there are other options out there. Good for you for wanting to study in Hebrew!