Saturday, November 04, 2006

How Much Is 25% off?

You know how life goes by so fast, that we just don’t notice a lot of the detail involved? And how you go like that until one day, for some reason, you stop and really look at something that’s been there seemingly forever and you suddenly notice something you’ve never seen before? Something like this happened to me the other day.

I was doing some minor cleaning in the bathroom, and I had occasion to pick up the shampoo bottles – we have two, one that is almost finished and it’s replacement. Since I bought it just last week, I was surprised to see that it had a large sticker on it that said “25% off”. I really didn’t notice that when I bought it – I must have been in a real hurry, or distracted by something. Anyway, I was only too glad to be able to save some money. Then I got the idea of comparing the two bottles. The old one is maybe a month or two old, and the new one I bought last week, and it isn’t every day that I can compare directly two products that are exactly the same, except for the discount.
So, what did I find?

The sticker on the older shampoo had a price of 16 shekels on it. The newer shampoo, the one with the “25% percent off” sticker cost …17 shekels!

I think that’s incredible. I know Israeli education has it’s problems, but I had no idea it was this bad. I mean, how can you mark something up by precisely 6.25 percent, and put a sticker on proclaiming a reduction?

Some of my more cynical readers will say that this was no accident; it’s just standard procedure in our capitalist society. Well. I’m not such a cynic I’m just methodical. I noticed that the 17 shekel price tag was stuck over an older one. I thought that maybe the older tag would give me a better idea how such a thing can happen. I peeled it off, and the older price tag was exactly what it should be – 16 shekels!

So I guess that someone knowingly marked up the price, and then put on a shining new sticker proclaiming the new “discount”. Yuuukkk!

There is of course another possibility. This could be an innocent mistake, and it does not necessarily point to the greediness of the proprietors. Actually I think this is the case – they are nice people and I had already determined a long time ago that most of the stuff there is reasonably priced, which is why I usually don’t bother checking anymore. This really took me by surprise. I guess I have to be more careful, even if the place is familiar.

Anyway, now that I know how much “25% off” is costing me, I’m hoping that other stores don’t get the same idea – I’m not sure that I can afford it.

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Karma said...

Augh! This keeps happening to me that since I "upgraded", almost every time I try to make comments, I get a message that I have to login with the goggle account and then it erases my comments. It's like - how much do these upgrades really help me? (Similar phenomenon) Anyway, what I was trying to say before blogger erased my comments was that this happens in the States too. Cheeky ain't it?

mother in israel said...

A few weeks ago we were in the store and we saw the following sign:

Two packages of paper towels: 18
Price for a single(מחיר לבודד 8.99

mother in israel said...

karma--I read on blogger that pressing Preview works sometimes.