Thursday, August 03, 2006

Introducing: The Israeli Tikkun Blog

Like every other blog, my main purpose here is to let me express myself freely on the subjects that interest me most. In this case the subject is change. All my life i have been fascinated by change on the personal level and also on the societal level. I have pondered change, initiated change, read about it and experienced it in many ways. I believe I have learned something along the way, and I would like to share my experience with others.

Living in Israel, and being a Jew, this blog will be mostly concerned with change in Israeli society, focusing on the Jewish majority. I will not completely ignore the significant Arab minority, however I leave the job of in depth discussion of change in the Israeli - Arab society to one of it's members.
Since Israeli society includes members from many cultures from all over the world trying to live together, our problems - and solutions - may be interesting to other similar societies. Also, since we are a Jewish society, our problems are in many ways the problems of all Western societies who's concerned members, again, may find interest in the proposed diagnosis and solutions.

A Different Israel
Along the way i would like to provide the public with a different picture of Israel. As an Israeli I get the distinct feeling that the Israeli MSM is living in a very small, segregated part of Israel, and has serious difficulties in trying to provide it's readers with a fair and accurate picture of our society,( assuming it's members even wish to fulfill such a role, which I seriously doubt.)
On the other hand, the International media covering Israel hardly do it's readers any favours when protraying Israel as a country the size of Russia, with the population of China, the resources of the African continent, and the mental stability of Iran's current president (Sheikh what's-his-name).
In short - the public, i believe , is lacking the information neccesary to understand what is going on in Israel, why we are fighting for our survival , why our wars never end, who is fighting who over what, why this is crucial for Western civilization, and how all of these matters are affected by what we do and don't do in our daily lives.
I believe our problems are extremely serious and go down to a much deeper level than is usually talked about. I believe Israeli society is very sick, and the cure must match the illness, and as every doctor knows - a succesful treatment begins with a correct diagnoses.

In this case the diagnoses will be made mainly with the tools of Psychological theory. I aim to explain the basics of a few theories (Freud, Adler and Jung) and show how they can (and cannot) be applied to understanding our society and solving it's problems. In other words , I will be moving constantly from theory to practice and also from the individual to the group and back again, aiming to highlight the connections between the different levels of theory and society.
At this time I aim to publish one serious post a week, intermingled with rants about anything that comes to my mind.
I should also note that I am a native Engrew speaker (that is - hebrew and english) so I will be referencing works and sites in both languages with the majority being in english.

It should be obvious by now that when i am talking about change -I mean change for the better. I also mean sustained change, meaningful change, in fact, I mean TIKKUN.
But that term, which is also the title of this blog , deserves a seperate post and will be the subject of the next one.
Also I mean change brought about by any means possible including: meditation, yoga, martial arts and other techniques for raising physical conciousness, organizational behavior techniques, practical philosophies such as Zen-Buddhism and Tao, theories of Education, Sociological theories, self-help theory and practice such as Dr. Hendriks Imago Theory, and Dr. Forward's theory about Toxic Parents ,( both which will be discussed in detail later), 12 step programs, and theories about the food we eat and how it affects us. Actually this is a list of areas i have had experience in and will incorporate in this blog.
I am also a fan of the arts and popular culture (including basketball,football and soccer) and will use examples from both to better clarify the theories and their application.
And if it sounds like I am a teacher laying down the course for the semester - well I am a teacher (albeit unemployed) but this isn't class - this is life. My life, and perhaps yours too, if you would like to share it - and you are more than welcome to do so in the comments.

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Ben-Yehudah said...

B"H Am I mistaken, or do identify Israel as a "western" society? I would like to suggest to you that not all Jews see our society as a "western" one.

Oh, and as far as any improvements we need to do as a "society" (I'll call us a "people."), how about if we begin by working on our people's codependence issues? I find that we place the wants and needs of others (Read: "the goyim") before our own. This and the seeking out of their (ie external) validation are the symptoms which immediately come to mind.

Jerusalem Joe said...

Ben Yehudah - thank you for your comment.
I identify the Jewish people as founders of western society.As such, israeli society is inherently western, although much less Western than many of us assume it is.
as to how jews view israeli society - the views obviously vary. do you mean there is a specific section of our society that sees us as an eastern society? i'd be happy if you clarified your meaning.
as to co-dependence - i could not agree with you more. i will get into that as deeply as possible a little later.